My Chemical Romance | Bell Centre | Montreal Concert Photographer

It had been 12 years since My Chemical Romance had taken the stage in Montreal. The highly anticipated reunion tour packed in the Bell Centre. The energy and intensity was as it had been in the band‘s prime.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a varied mix of ages in the crowd. Thinking My Chemical Romance being on a reunion tour would mean a bunch of 30 year old reliving their early 2000s. But there were plenty of “new” fans as well, showing that the band’s music is solid and well written enough to carry through the decades.

Lead singer Gerard Way changes looks every show. We seemed to have the more interesting look of black contacts and blood tears. The man knows how to be a great front man! The header photo has garnered over 2700 likes on my Instagram alone, with no band reshares. Fans have used the images to make their own art. The MCR community is insanely loyal.

I was covering this black parade for iHeartRadioCA / FR.