Depeche Mode | Bell Centre | Montreal Concert Photographer

There are some bands that you want to see live at least once in your life. Depeche Mode needs to be on or near the top of the list. Not only to hear the exquisite live renditions of so many classics, but to see Dave Gahan parading around the stage is really something that can’t be described.

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of Depeche Mode‘s music. There are a handful of bands I have never clicked with. Just not for me, and that’s ok. The first time I photographed them live, I was blown away but how much fun the show was. So I was pumped for this second time.

The band didn’t disappoint. But the stage setup sadly did. The way they placed the stage monitors in clumps made it so that we never really got a clear view of either Dave of his fellow Depeche Mode founder Martin Gore. There were the few times they came in front, but other than that, our limited access in the pit (can’t go past the 1/3 way mark) limited the amount of shots of Dave doing his thing.

But that is a photographer’s perspective, and probably not one of a fan watching the show. I am still very happy with the images produced. However, knowing the images that can be made during their shows, I find them missing just a tad.

The images were made for iHeartradio Canada and CHOM FM.

Below, as per usual, some faves of the set 🙂

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