Ghost | Place Bell | Montreal Event Photographer

Tobias forge of ghost on stage at laval's place bell

Swedish band Ghost brought their elaborate and theatrical tour to Laval’s Place Bell last night. Papa and his Nameless Ghouls, as per usual, put on an entertaining set, their Imperatour has been well received. Place Bell was nearly as full as you could have it, and having powerhouse openers like Mastodon and Spiritbox does help.

Fans wearing makeup and some being full on Papa Emeritus outfits. After covering My Chemical Romance a few weeks back, I am loving seeing more and more fans dressing up for their favorite artists. Seeing Ghost on a coolish almost Fall evening puts me in an early Halloween spirit.

Fans of Ghost the band in full makeup for their Imperetor in Montreal

Sadly for photographers, all the special apperances and effects happen after our alloted 3 songs. While our image taking is greater than our image making with Ghost, they do offer some fun directional lights to play off of. Most of the lights being on lead singer Tobias Forge, you can sometimes find some fun moments with the Namesless Ghouls scattered around. The only way to tell them apart is by the instrument they have in their hands.

I was covering the show for CHOM 97.7, you can see their full media set here.

Some of my faves below