R & A Wedding | Turbo Haüs | Montreal Event Photographer

I’m a huge fan of DIY style events. When a friend of mine proposed to his then girlfriend (and now wife!), I told them that I’d be totally down to photograph their wedding. I don’t do the 20-30 weddings per year that the more full time wedding photographers do. I keep it to 2-3 a year, usually intimate settings. Having known A for years, I knew that in some shape or form, it would step a bit out of the ordinary.

R and A are both very artsy people, R being an amazing designer having worked and studied in fashion, fine arts and so on. A being an amazing film director (recently released his first full lenght horror feature Woodland Grey which has won awards in the indie circuit!). So just there, working for (with?) two people with eyes for design and storytelling, the pressure is on.

When I sat with A to first discuss the details, he told me they were getting married at Turbo Haüs. What? TH? Turbo Haüs is a metal/rock bar that hosts small bands on a cool neon light stage. The walls are black, the ceiling is black, the light is next to none. Not your typical venue, so not your typical shoot doing classic wedding photos. But they are having a taco bar for the reception and an alpaca cutout in the entrance (they were unable to secure live alpacas), challenge accepted!

And what a challenge it was. I had so much fun shooting, finding angles in a very limited seating venue, and mostly, being surrounded by such fun and amazing people. The amount of goofs and off the wall shots we did was so fun! You realise it is a special moment when a couple trusts you with the hard to do photos on their most special day. But yet, everthing was just so seamlessly smiley.

Photo notes

I dont usually shoot with much flash, but this was a must. Loads of bounce, some straight on. I pulled out the prime lenses for the more ambiant shots and tried to get in best position to use the limited available light for the right ambiance.

I had scouted the area once before the wedding and on google maps as well. I arrived an hour or so early and did some more scouting to walk the photo path for the couple photos ahead of time. Preparation, even when things don’t go as planned, is a must. Found a few quaint spots, and considering that St-Denis street was closed to traffic, made for a unique backdrop for family and group photos. Roll with the punches!

Some of my faves of their amazingly rocking pink neon wedding!