Alexisonfire | MTelus | Montreal Concert Photographer

Punk? Hardcore? Post hardcore? I get lost in the labels people assign to music. One thing is for certain, one of the longer lasting and heavier hitting bands, Alexisonfire, still knows how to deliver an intense show, 20+ years after the band first got together.

Alexisonfire, or often called AOF, had 2 jammed packed back to back shows at Montreal’s MTelus in mid July. While they had their initial farewell tour back in 2012-2013, they have been doing one off shows here and there in various festivals, it is great to see them back in action on a full tour.

This has been one of the heavier shows I have photographed since the pandemic (and even from months before the pandemic started). And in all honesty, it felt great to be a super tight pit, evenly mixed with security and photographers, dodging crowd surfers coming over, all while trying to get emotional images of a band that just doens’t stop moving with just as fast light transitions.

That was a mouthful. In other words, it was a damn good time and reminded me why I quit a corporate job 10 years ago to do this full time.

Photographing at big venues like the Bell Centre is really nice. But there are some times where you just want to be … correction… where you NEED to be right in the trenches in order to feel the music and the energy.

Images were taken for CHOM 97.7 and the iHeartradio network. Below some of my faves of the show.