How to quickly add dozens of hashtags in your socials

Tired of always putting in the same hashtags to get some sort of pretend social traction?

For a few years, I’ve been using a super easy shortcut on my iphone. I was chatting with random people while working yesterday and we came upon the subject of using hashtags and figured I’d create a new tip post.

I used to do this as a joke to friends who left their phone unlocked. You go into the Keyboard settings and replace text like “Hi” with “Bye” or the word “meet” with “cheesewiz” (you get the idea) and enjoy seeing their face not understanding where the new word is coming from.

I started to get tired of putting in the Instagram approved 13 hashtags (or whatever the amount) for each post, so I used the same logic of text replacement. Whenever I type “#tagconcert” , this gets replaced by the series of concert related hashtags. I also created shortcuts for #tagurban #tagmontreal #tagbnw (for black and whites) and a few others.

On an iphone, simply head to


Create a new Text Replacement. In the PHRASE section, add all your hashtags. In the SHORTCUT, the keyword you will type to have all the hashtags appear. Tip: Don’t enter something too common, but something obvious enough that you will remember. I actually started each of mine with the hashtag symbol (#) to make sure I wouldn’t use them anywhere else.

Sure, you can use the old copy / paste from a note in your phone, but that involves multiple steps. I’m a huge fan of keeping it simple and being able to just tag a keyword in a post and having a bunch of hashtags show up is probably the most efficient way of doing things (I am open to other options if you have them).

A huge time saver. I’m sure there is something equivalent in Android.


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  1. On android, open your keyboard, click the settings “gear” , then smart typing, then text shortcuts.

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