Post Malone | Montreal Concert Photographer | Pierre B Photo

How do you classify an artist such as who has a stage name that was created with an online rap name generator? To say that Austin Richard Post (aka Post Malone) is a rapper isn’t enough. Posty kind of melds hip hop with country with rock and throws in a bunch of tracks while singing. However you want to classify him, he has been one of the most talked about names in the last few years in the world of music.

From his debut with White Iverson to his episode with a plane landing with blown out tires in 2018, going through his ever adding list of tattoos through to his debut album Stoney breaking the 34 year old record set by Michael Jackson’s Thriller for the most weeks on Billboard’s top R&B / Hip Hop chart with 77 (compared to 76). He has done much in a short time, and in the interviews I have watched, actually still seems to have his head on straight and is just there to enjoy the ride. And hey, what more can you ask for from the artist who discovered Ozzy Osbourne (hah).

You would expect an artist with such current popularity to not allow photographers. But Post Malone does. You would then expect him to put photographers back at the soundboard. He gave us the pit. While the stage was higher than normal and we didn’t have all that much room to move with the video cameras and the “VIPs” on cell phones in the pit, it was still a pretty fun shoot.

Having seen a few videos online, I opted for a mix of 70-200 (90% of my shots) and a 16-35 (10% of my shots). The ultra wide was for just a few grabs of the entire stage at some key moments as well as a few shots of him crouched in the front. Planning goes a long way. 🙂

Images were shot for iHeartRadio Canada and Virgin Radio Montreal. The full media gallery is HERE.

Below, a few faves and a few exclusives I dug up this morning.