KORN | Bell Centre | Montreal Event Photographer

Nu metal pioneers Korn (sorry can’t find the right font for the reversed R 😉 ) were at Montreal’s Bell Centre a few nights ago and put on a helluva show.

It has been about 25 years that the band has been pumping out the metal, and after seeing them live for my third time, they honestly have not lost a beat. The classics still resonate with fans and the new tunes on Korn’s latest album The Nothing are still pretty epic live.

Standard 3 songs in the pit for the 8ish photographers present. It was my first concert of 2020 and it was honestly a great way to shoot in the new year, coming out with a few shots that I can easily put into my portfolio. And on top of that, it was a day before my birthday! Turning 44 years old, I remember hearing Korn for the first time when I was 21 or so and seeing them live in 1998 at Montreal’s CEPSUM was pretty intense.

Images photographed for iHeartradio.ca and local rock gods at CHOM 97.7.
Full media set HERE. And iHeart interviewed singer Jonathan Davis after the show. Amazing job, you can see it (and some live footage of the show) HERE

And props to the band for sharing my image on their socials. Still enjoying analyzing the impact on traffic and on my own socials. (they shared the image of headbanging Head, the one in the header)

Let’s rock 2020 !!!