50 photos for 50 years of rock and roll at CHOM FM

Never would teenage Pierre imagine that he would be part of the extended family of the radio station he listened to every day (and called in to contests way too often). CHOM 97.7 is celebrating 50 years today. 50 years of rock and roll in Montreal.

Randy Bachman was the first even artist I covered for CHOM, back on April 16 2015. Already over 4 years of an amazing partnership. Everyone knows about the radion station… from playing the mainstream rock people love hearing to spinning tunes from unknown local bands to give them a break. I have been lucky to have a direct line to the people behind the scenes and the one thing that is striking, while somewhat corny to say, is the family spirit that each and every person working for the station has. Probably a testament to the city of Montreal, their laid back, yet get shit done attitude makes working with them so much fun.

I figured I’d go back through the last 4.5 years of shows I covered for CHOM and post up a series of 50. From legends like Elton John and AC/DC, to then up and comers July Talk, Black Pistol Fire and The Lazys. From stadiums, to arenas, to clubs, to bars to their cafeteria. 🙂

Thanks for having me on board CHOM. While I’d love to say “here’s to another 50”, doubt that will happen on my end 😉

(and the header image doesn’t count in the 50… just in case anyone is keeping track 😉 )