Moist | Corona Theatre | Montreal Concert Photographer

It has been 25 years since Canadian rockers Moist released their multi platinum album Silver. I was 18 at the time, right smack in my first concert going phase of my life. I remember seeing them at Montreal’s Spectrum for the first time and their stage energy blew me away. I believe I have totalled 12 times of seeing either Moist of just lead singer David Usher solo on stage, including last night’s sold out show at the Corona Theatre.

The crowd was dense and it ended up being one of the harder shows to move around to make photos in as no one wanted to move, everyone was dancing and jumping. I guess I wasn’t alone in being excited in hearing Silver again. The band was on fire and the crowd was in a frenzy. Moist haven’t lost a step.

I spent some time up front thanks to the nice people who allowed me to step in front of them for a few songs. I find that as much as crowds can be dense and territorial, if you show up early, chat with them a bit, most people are more than happy to let go by. Last night was no different.

Images were shot for CHOM FM and You can check out the full media set HERE.

Below, a few favorites of the set.