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Monster truck rock corona 2016

There are shows that are about the music. There are shows that are about the lights. There are shows that are more spectacle than musical. Then there are Monster Truck shows. The Canadian rock band, out of Ontario, was in town this week at the Corona Theatre and put on what I would call a back to basics rock and roll show. The music was loud, the band was energetic on stage, the crowd loved it.  They are just as fun to shoot as Airbourne, another one of my favorite live rock acts.

There was no photo pit, but thankfully, rock fans are great with giving you some space when you ask for it.  No need to push and shove, a little smile usually gives you a nod and a pat on the back when you leave a few seconds later.  I would love to get in a pit to shoot them as they move around quite a bit and keeping up with angles and framing when you have to work around the fans isn’t the easiest.

While working through the crowd I used mainly a 24-70mm lens and when I went towards the back, I switched to a 70-200mm lens.  I would of loved to use a wide angle lens, but knowing there was no pit meant that the lens would barely be used.

It was my third time covering one of their shows and I know there will be plenty more. Images were taken for

Here are some of my faves:




monster truck montreal



monster truck 2016