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classified montreal corona greatful

Canadian east coast rapper Classified closed out his Greatful tour at Montreal’s Corona Theatre on March 12th, and suffice it to say that the fans came out in big numbers to pack the venue.  Classified has such a great stage presence that he is really fun to photograph.  And when the artist calls out that this being their last stop and they are going to go all out, you know you are in for a fun shoot.

I was there to provide images for Virgin Radio Montreal, but with a slight twist this time around.  In a world of social media and studying not only what can work but what doesn’t, it was decided that this entire gallery was going to be a square crop.  I didn’t think it would of been the challenge it was.  I’m fine with providing a different style of images, as long as the emotion and intent remain the same.  So making images of an artist such as Classified who is pretty much in constant motion and uses the entire stage, all while keeping to the tighter space in a square image was a fun challenge.

And a big thank you to the venue for putting up a photo pit!! (although it’s not always the venues decision…).  One of the hard things about working freelance is that you need to go out and shoot, whether you are feeling good or bad.  And last night was a feeling bad night.  Head spinning, throat scratchy, showing up at a packed venue and seeing that you don’t have to work the crowd, you can just head to the front totally made this guys night. :))

Here are some of my favorite images, as well as a few exclusives that I feel didn’t fit into the square crop.  You can view the full gallery up at Virgin right HERE.  I feel I was able to capture the emotion and vibe of the performance, even in a square 🙂


classified montreal corona greatful





classified montreal corona greatful


And now the exclusives 🙂