Gateway Drugs | Theatre Fairmount | Montreal Concert Photographer


No, this isn’t about the theory where using soft drugs will lead to hard drugs (sorry, just finished watching Big Bang Theory, so my brain is in geek mode).  The LA based drug pop group (seriously, labels are just getting weirder) Gateway Drugs has been getting some decent airplay on local rock station CHOM 97.7, so the station sent me down to the Theatre Fairmount to cover their opening set for Swervedriver (hey look, another parenthesis, check out my Swervedrive images  here).

The band sounded good and set the right tone for headlining Swervedriver.  Sadly, it seemed that Montrealers had the Monday blues and decided to stay home and the venue was only about half full… which can be seen as a good thing for an opening band.

As a photographer, this set was a fun challenge.  The lights were very blue, with occasional red and white sweeps.  It was pretty low light the whole time, which forces you to keep good form while shooting.  Settings were around f/2.8, ISO 6400 and 1/40 – 1/80.  A great test, a fun challenge, all while listening to some good tunes.

Here are some select shots from their set, the full coverage up at CHOM.