Montreal at night | Urban Photography

I haven’t had the time to walk the streets of my favorite city in a while.  And even though they were calling for cold, wind and rain, figured I’d call up a friend and pound the pavement looking for some interesting photo ops.  The recent time change has it that the sun has already set by the time we are good to go for our walks, so many more night photos coming.  Which is fine by me, I absolutely love shooting at night.  The colours, the contrasts,… makes a city come alive!

We started our walk near the old port of Montreal.  But figured we’d head towards downtown on some not normally traveled streets as this time of the year doesn’t have that many tourists in the old port (tourists are fun to take photos of, and as they are happy to be snapping away, they usually don’t mind if you take their photo… they usually think you are a tourist as well hehe).  Old Montreal always has some great architecture to shoot with 🙂





Crossed over into the more downtown area where things are a bit gloomier 🙂











And as we started to make our way back to the metro to head home, it started to rain!  My camera isn’t water proof, so I had an umbrella with me juuuuust in case.  Love how the rain and wet streets create dynamic images 🙂







And because ya know.. .there is always something going on in the city that requires firetrucks…



  1. quick question – the photos of the cars – they were taken (it appears) head on………. how the hell did you get those shots – standing in the middle of one of Montreal’s streets playing chicken with a car for a shot??!!!

    Great pictures I do love them…….. and hopefully am learning to stretch my poor skills just a tad…

    1. haha… thanks for the comments Sheila!
      Considering that my camera only has 1 fixed lens and it’s 35mm wide, I’m a bit close to the cars. The one with the cab that’s really close, I was crossing the street on a light, turned, aimed and snapped. Cabbie had no where to go, he was stopped 🙂

      The other, well, I was crossing on a red light so yeah, that was taken while the car was coming towards me. I saw a car drive by and loved the light reflection on the ground so waiting for another to come by and then jumped in the road, with a good, safe distance. The image is also somewhat cropped from the original. I think it was Peel street downtown Montreal 🙂

      *I do not endorse dying while taking photos.

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