Quick tip #4 : Avoid the 6 foot syndrome | Montreal portrait photographer

Want to make more compelling images of your kids?  Avoid the dreaded 6 foot syndrome.  What is it?  Google won’t help much, I just made up the term. haha

What it means is that we develop a tendency to shoot standing up (hence 6 foot – and yes, I know we all aren’t 6 feet tall).  This works fine when we are shooting our friends and family who are relatively the same height.  But when we make images of kids, we get this top down perspective that isn’t very interesting.  All you need to do is get eye level with the child.  Sit on the ground, bend those knees.  Get that camera to the same height as the kid and suddenly, the image looks that much more interesting and not just a quick snapshot taken without much thought.

Not too complicated!  Just next time you are photographing children, keep in mind the 6 foot syndrome!







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