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I think the only thing better than having a family contact you to do some family portraits is having the same family contact you over and over again.  I did a family session a few years ago with these wonderful people in an apple orchard.  This time around, they wanted something with a more Montreal and city feel to it.  They nixed the idea of going into abandoned buildings, but as they were cool with checking out the outside of the abandoned silos, we targeted the Old Port of Montreal. (sadly, we didn’t make it to the silos as there were some engineers or random people with hard hats walking around).

This session is right up my alley.  My style of portraits is not in studio, but capturing real moments with a family and giving them not only a fun session, but a fun day.  We walked around the area for a few hours, randomly stopping to check things out, chatting along the way, laughing and having a good time.  And while we do this, I make my images.  Sure, there is always some slight direction and posing, but I prefer getting a family comfortable in front of the camera and with me, it makes for more real emotions and I am able to get real smiles out of them.

It’s important to have flexible plans.  We had originally targeted the prior weekend for the shoot, but it was grey and pretty crappy.  Thankfully, we were all free for a few hours the following weekend and we ended up having amazing weather.

The only surprise I had with this shoot was having their little 10 week old puppy Tyson present.  Pets are a huge part of families and they should be included in some photos.  But when puppies are this cute, it’s hard not to constantly snap just the dog.  And being in such a public place, we were constantly stopped by strangers who wanted to pet the dog.  Poor guy was pretty tired at the end of the day.

Here is a select set of images of the day!












I LOVE the little side stare going on here. hehehe










  1. Love the text. We highly recommend this photographer for candid and sligh posing. Great work!

  2. Like always Pierre, you captured our favorite moments, and how we truly are,
    Great photographer indeed.

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