Urban: I’m watching you | Prague


Back from a 16 day Europe trip, and the first stop was Prague.  Don’t worry, I won’t be posting up all my vacation shots, but I do have a select few that I really love, and figured I’d take the time to write a bit more about the photo.

The Old Town is where all the funky streets, old buildings and… tourist shops are.  We ended up walking down the streets a bunch of times going to and from some of the main sites to see.  That is what I love about city shooting… you can walk down the same stretch and see something different each time!  I believe this is the second time we walked down here.  The poster of the kid in the back just seemed to be looking right at us.  I think the only thing freakier would of been a real kid just standing there looking our way.

Figured I’d slow down the shutter on the camera and wait for some people to go by.  After a few attempts (and waiting for the right number of people), here is the result!

I’m really into the mix of motion and still in this image.  I love the creepy vibe and feel that the black and white just adds that much more to it.