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I had my second vintage fashion shoot with blogger Emily this past weekend for her Eco Style series.  Our first one was done indoors as it was way too cold to go outside.  This time around, after a greasy spoon style breakfast, we braved the cold afternoon and made our way around a local university campus to highlight some of her current second hand clothing finds.

Even walking towards our spot, I still can’t help myself from snapping a few fun shots.  What can I say, documenting where we are and what is going on is just in my blood.  Quick snap of our reflections (along with my assistant for the day Cate) shows how we are bundled for the day.  Why have an assistant?  A second pair of eyes to help pick out small details that may be out of place is always useful, and when that someone has a good eye and fashion sense, they are able to give some quick ideas for poses and shots.  We were out there for just under an hour and all three were pretty frozen, so the faster we could get quality work done, the better 😉



We try and make these style of shoots not about the person, but about the clothes.  Taking the time to ensure we highlight the pieces she has put together, whether it be the hand made earrings, the second hand bag or the funky ski sweater.  And yes, that’s as far as I’m going to go in describing the clothes.  These shots were all taken with an 85mm lens.  The area we shot in was pretty vast, so I opted for the quality and fixed focal length of the lens and zoomed in and out using my feet.  Shooting prime lenses is fun, as you seem to have more time to focus on composition as you aren’t playing around with the zoom on the lens.  85mm is a great focal length for portraits as the slight telephoto somewhat condenses the perspective and keep things tight, without distortion.


Natural laughs are always fun to get.  You can ask someone to smile or laugh, but making them laugh just adds that little touch of realism and warms up the image.




vintage fashion blog shoot






And as with any photoshoot I do, there is always time to just goof off and have some fun.  Emily being an avid instragrammer, just had to take the time to instagram me… so I returned the favour. 😉


And I sniped this one from her Instagram page.  The joys of being the photographer, you can stay bundled up in the cold while your model has to remove her jacket haha.

IMG_2208 (2)

Was a fun shoot, and it started to get ideas going for other places and themes for the next series…. but will probably wait for it to be a bit warmed outside. haha

Have a need for some portraits?  Have a project that requires photography?  I’m all ears, just drop me a note! 🙂

Want to check out more of Emily’s blog?  Here is da link!  Be warned, she takes food photos as well… might make ya hungry.



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