Streetlight Manifesto | Metropolis

Show wise:  I missed seeing them twice in a row…once last year in town and once this year at Vans Warped.  I was happy I finally got to see them.  The energy on stage and in their music in insane.  I ended up singing while shooting.  Love it when a band does that to me.

Photo wise:  Shooting ska bands can be a challenge.  Many people on stage with various sized instruments.  Trying to jockey around the pit to find the best angle that ensure you see most of the artist is critical.  I mean, who really wants a shot of mic stands and covered faces?  Such as in the images below, finding the right time to shoot where you can capture the scene and the faces… Sometimes you have no choice, but for me, faces are so ultra important in an image, as they are what conveys the emotion of a show to someone looking at your photo.

The issue with so many people on stage is that you can easily focus your attention on just one member and forget the others – and hopefully that member is the one giving you the most interesting images.  Which is what happened to me.

Nothing really of note gear wise, most done with a 24-70 mm.  What can I say, I just love this lens

Full show review and more images up at Cornershop Studios !