Danse trad | Montreal event photographer

La danse trad has been picking up some steam in the last coupe of years. Typically associated with line dancing, the family friendly events have become a popular activity for many looking to hang out and have a good time.

I was hired on for the uberly fun event “Les manteaux su’ l’lit pis les bottes dans l’bain” put on every year for the last 8 years (give or take a pandemic) by the Trad project La R’voyure. For the first time, they held it at the Theatre Paradoxe, an old church in Verdun that puts on a variety of events. I had last photographed at the church a good 5 years ago as part of the city of Montreal’s Montreal On Joue event.

slow shutter speed trad dancers swirl around

But back to the trad dancing. I knew the event would be low light, and mixed in with faster movements from the dancers, would be a fun challenge to capture some crisp and fun images. And that it was. Low yet very colourful light. Some times, you need to use what is given to you and make the best. For some shots, I slowed my shutter way down to create some blue in the dancers. In some instances as low as 1/4 of a second. In other instances, I waited for the dancers to step into the right light. And I honestly sometimes just hoped my shot would work out.

A sold out event made for loads of people on the dance floor. Instead of having a single stage with the performers, the troupe had a few dancing areas they put on shows, often mixed in with the crowd, making the whole thing feel so very inclusive. Throw in some called dancing for the public, a special event with indigenous throat singers, and you are set for a pretty fun evening.

Hats off to the organizers La R’voyure. It was a great initiation for me to the world of traditional dancing. Well, taking photos of, I thankfully did not have to dance đŸ™‚