Vance Joy | MTelus | Montreal Concert Photographer

Vance joy smiles to the crowd at the montreal mtelus in 2023

From opening for Young the Giant in 2014, playing Osheaga that same year and then again coming back to the Metropolis, back to the Virgin Radio Red Room and all the way up to the Bell Centre.. I think I’ve photographed every Vance Joy show in the city over the last 10 years except his last appearance at Osheaga were I was working a different stage ūüôĀ .

close up image of Vance joy show guitar picks in montreal

The Australian singer has such a contagious smile, and he keeps it the whole time he is on stage. His catchy beats seemed a bit lost in the Bell Centre. This time around, a very wise decision to back in the biggest (and top club world wide), the MTelus for a 2 night stay. 2000 or so people packed in each time. Just enough to give that “wow feeling” but not too many that you still feel part of the show.

So here’s a fourth entry in my little blog world for Vance Joy. Probably the most I’ve had for any artist. And I can attest that a Vance Joy show simply makes you happy.

Photos were shot for Virgin Radio and