Damso | Place Bell | Montreal Concert Photographer

Damso surrounded by fire at laval place bell

The Belgian rapper / songwriter known as Damso recently had 2 nights sold out at Laval’s Place Bell. 8000+ fans lined the streets outside the arena waiting to see the start on stage.

He had cancelled a performance at last year’s Osheaga, a few days after ASAP Rocky had also decided not to show, and he was replacing Future. Glad to see that Damso‘s fans came out in full force for his return to the city.

The stage was pretty simple, giving Damso enough room to prowl the side from side to side. The projections on the big screen didn’t see to add much to the performance, but they added some nice visuals for the photos.

Add in a few spits of fire, some fun lights and an over hyped crowd, the first of two shows was pretty much a success.

Photo Notes

Having known it was a wide stage with a single performer, I opted to work with a Canon RF 15-35mm lens instead of my more standard RF 24-70mm. Having an ultra wide allows me to composes images in a way where the stage is the actual subject, giving me an option on top of the performer. Variety is key!

Images were done for iHeartRadioCA.fr. You can see the full media set HERE

Below a few faves