Remembering Guy Lafleur | Montreal Event Photographer

There are many times where I have to step back and need to take in the moments my career has allowed me to be part of. Being one of the photographers on site to document the events surrounding the celebration of the great Guy Lafleur for the Habs was just that.

I met Guy Lafleur a few times. I was assisting on a photoshoot with him years back where he was probably one of the bigger names I had worked with, but also the easiest and one of the friendliest. A second time when photographing a wedding he was a guest at. And again, while everyone respected the person he is, he took the time to tell tales and chat with people.

My working relationship with the Montreal Canadiens began a few months before the pandemic. Documenting the various events they have going on during games and outside the Bell Centre. This one was special.

My assignment for the evening was getting a few photos of the events outside before the game against the Bruins, the projections inside before the game and then the more bird’s eye view of the ceremony during the game. It was eerie being inside an empty Bell Centre seeing all the images of Guy Lafleur projected on the ice. No fans, no players, just a special moment.

I also had the opportunity to photograph some of the Habs legends giving interviews. While Guy was in the tail end of his career when I was a kid, being around the likes of Knuckles Nilan and Bob Gainey was a treat.

A few select photos of the event below. Thankful every day for the job I do, and to have clients coming back now that the pandemic is over for most businesses. And hey, in some cases, I’m allowed to be a fan boy.. .a professional one, but a fan boy none the less.