Mumford & Sons | Bell Centre | Montreal Concert Photographer

Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons on their Delta tour at Montreal's Bell Centre in 2019

I had not been more excited to photograph a show like I was for Mumford last night. You would think after 10 years and nearly 1500 bands that the flame would dim… well, it doesn’t.

The story

I remember when I discovered Mumford & Sons back in 2012. I was going through a rough patch in life (cliché, I know). Recently been divorced (will spare you the details), my father had passed away from Parkinson’s and dementia. Coporate 9-5 job. Moved to a part of the city I knew no one.

Feeling life’s pressures, I needed to get away. I bought a ticket to travel solo to Ireland. Stayed in Dublin for a bit (with an amazing local host René who treated me like family), drank too much, and then headed on a train to Galway. The ride is about 2.5 hours, say 3.5 with having to arrive early and so on. I had brought a book, had a laptop, was ready to keep myself occupied. Sitting in the train, looking out the window at the Irish hills and landscapes, Mumford came on in my earphones. There was something about that moment where I just zoned out and let my mind wander.

I never took out the book, never opened my laptop. I just stared out the window and let my mind drift to all the thoughts it needed to drift to. Sigh No More became the soundtrack for my next 2 weeks. Letting my travels take me where they would, from having beers with local musicians in small fishing villages, to having more beers at 1pm in a middle of no where pub where the youngest person was probably 63. Finding places to sleep, things to see, getting lost, being found.

I came home from that trip just a bit different. A few months later, I quit that 9-5 job. Hard turning your back on 6 figures, pension, benefits and actually great co-workers. But life wasn’t right and I needed a change.

And I started working as a freelance photographer full time at the end of 2012. Full life change. At 36 years old.

The show

Well, that’s my Mumford back story. Thankfully I don’t have life changing backstories for all the bands I shoot, but this one was special.

We didn’t have pit access last night, we were at the soundboard. The lights were ultra contrasty and somewhat dim at times. The band being on a center stage gave me more photos of Marcus’ butt than of his face. But it’s all good. It bought me back to 7 years ago, where I was, and where I have moved on to.

The images were shot for CHOM 97.7 & iHeartradio. Full media set HERE

Some of my faves and some exclusive black and whites.

Ohhhh… if you want to see some shots of that Ireland trip… HERE ya go.