Broken Bells | Metropolis | Montreal Show Photographer


Indie rockers Broken Bells (The Shins James Mercer and Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton) were at Montreal’s Metropolis tonight.  The crowd was nicely spaced (ie, about 3/4 full) and the duo put on a pretty mellow set (for the first three songs at least).

Photography wise: the show had most of the elements of a slow shoot.  Low light, artists who don’t move, artists standing behind things, lots of space between the artists.  Add to that the fact that we were only 4 photographers in the pit, it made for a pretty easygoing.  Angles were a bit hard to find at first with my 24-70mm.  I switched to a 70-200 to get a few close ups, but I always prefer a little wider to get more stage in the shot.  Ok.. .really, I don’t have much to say… so here are the preview photos.  The full set of 15 or so will be up at Cornershop Studios !




Thanks for checking out the photos!

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