Killswitch Engage | Metropolis | Montreal Show Photographer


Metalcore band Killswitch Engage played at the Metropolis tonight, along with headliners Lamb of God, and Testament and Huntress.  The energy for the show was pretty insane, and the strobes going off were as well.  With lots of light coming from down below, was hard to get some nice clear shots without the contrasty light.  Although the light does give off a really cool creepy vibe.  You have to use what you are presented and make the best images you can.

The photo pit was pretty packed which made for some ninja style navigation.  Good things most of the shooters there were regulars so we all move in an odd synchro.  Makes a difference when you work with pros.  Well, except for that one photog who just hurried around left and right bumping into people all the time, shoving them to the side, and actually getting my earplug cord stuck on their lens and yanking them out of my ears.  Yeah…

But the show… was great! 🙂