Eco Style | Mile End | Montreal Portrait Photographer


Had another session with one of my favorite eco fashion bloggers, and good friend, Emily a few weeks ago.  What is eco fashion?  Well, what Emily does is go through thrift shops, church sales and clothing swaps and puts together outfits and then blogs about it.  A great way to show that you can reduce your eco footprint by reuse perfectly good clothes.  Cool idea.

My last shoot with her dates back to earlier this year in the winter time, so figured we’d put together a fall shoot as the leaves in the city were in the middle of turning (and some already done!) and the weather was just perfect.  The processing done was to keep in light and fun feel of the weather and the day we had.

The shoot was fun, we just walked the streets of one of Montreal’s trendy neighborhoods, ducked in a few alleys, posed on the street, shared a few laughs and a coffee.

You can check out her blog HERE.  You can see where she picked up each piece of clothing.

Below are some of my favorite shots from the day!







And the fun thing about shoots like this… is that for every shot like this one….


We usually have plenty of these moments 🙂



We also take a few chances with fun shots… for this one, she had to keep REALLY still in order to get the right blur in the cars.. .and we had to do it over and over again as people kept walking by and some even wanting to drive in the alley I was standing.  How dare they!