It’s hip to be square | Montreal urban photographer


Anyone remember that Huey Lewis song?  I remember being their Fore! album in 1986 lol.  Sigh.

Most of my urban shots are black and white.  Most of them follow the typical photo format size/ratio.  It’s how I see and how I shoot.

I was discussing with a friend photographer not too long ago how shooting for instagram can be a challenge.  I’m used to seeing photos like a rectangle, but instagram is a square.  Trying to get the same look and feel out of images where the aspect ratio is different can be a challenge.

So… in comes last Monday.  My good friend Cate, wanted to head out on a photo walk for a few hours.  It had been a while since we walked the streets of Montreal (I don’t count our 16 days in Europe as a photowalk haha).  I grabbed one camera and one lens – a 50 mm  – and nothing else.  I was minded that the end result of most of my images were going to be square.  Looking through a rectangular viewfinder to produce a square image.  And while I’m at it, let’s individually process each image.  No filters, no presets… just playing around with stuff myself.

I like to shake things up in how I shoot sometimes.  Gets you out of your comfort zone and keeps you on your toes.  And who knows, you can sometimes click with something that you just tried.  haha… click with… photography… ok, stopping the lame jokes and posting the images



A different take on “picture in picture” haha








Urban camo…


Best shooting spot… cars are indicated to avoid her to the left







And a few of them didn’t make it into the square sizing this time around 😉