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Anyone who follows me on Instagram (@pierrebourgault just in case ūüėČ ) knows that I love graffiti and urban art. ¬†It adds so much to a city’s character. ¬†One of the reasons I love Montreal (and also Berlin) is the abundance of street art you can find just walking around.

Enter the Festival MURAL… a festival of… urban art! ¬†My friend told me about this not too long ago and we decided to book a day and head on down camera in hand. ¬†A stretch of St-Laurent was closed to cars and the shops had a sidewalk sale. ¬†Graffiti, murals, street photography… add to that the amazing hot weather and we had a picture perfect day (omg that is so lame, sorry. ¬†Not really).


This was the first guy we found. ¬†He was having a great time, but I was expecting a little bit bigger…



Ahhh… there we go. ¬†Added a little kid in the photo for some perspective ūüėČ







Seeing that the major murals were not on the main street, we decided to walk down some side streets and see what we could find…No murals, but still some fun photos…like reflection shots of… moi

montreal urban street photography

graffiti urban art montreal

Then she spotted a store she just had to go in.  So I went in, but did some more photos haha

graffiti urban art montreal



Then it was back to the main street, full of people.

montreal urban street photography

montreal urban street photography


montreal urban street photography

montreal urban street photography


Pit stop to buy some sunscreen found me working at the beauty counter haha…wuuut?




Best view in the city for the Osheaga block party!

montreal urban street photography



montreal urban street photography

Now this guy couldn’t of posed better if I asked him to!

montreal urban street photography


Ok, sorry, enough with the people photos. ¬†Let’s see some of those murals!

My fave was made by a guy named Omen.  The eyes he paints were just insane.  The header photo is also part of the main mural he was doing

graffiti urban art montreal omen








There were a bunch more we didn’t see or maybe that they weren’t up yet. ¬†The muralistes were working throughout the weekend.

And a must checkout is where the Mural headquarters are on St-Laurent just north of Sherbrooke. ¬†Attached to the offices is an art gallery showcasing (and selling) various pieces of art from the artists doing the murals! ¬†Support the artists! ¬†I’m going back this week to see if I can pick up an original. ¬†They told me they are open for at least the next 6 months!

This dad and his kid were loving the gallery ūüėČ