Portraits: Headshots with J | Montreal Portrait Photographer



My my my.. .where does time fly?  I guess being busy is a good thing.  While I posted a preview image of my headshot session with the beautiful J up on my facebook (you did like my facebook page, didn’t ya?), I’m only getting around to posting up the others and blogging about the session.  So… here goes!

I’ll start off by quoting my favorite line from the TV show The Wire:  “Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit”.  That pretty much describes working with J.  No, not in a bad way, more like shiiiiiiiiit, that was fun!  I’ve known J for about a year or so and she contacted me a few months back asking if I’d be willing to do some headshots for her.  As she works in the movie/theatre industry, she needed some funkier images to use with casting submissions, but also for linked in and other profile sites.  So we booked a date, and as she lives a full 3 minute walk from my place (ok, maybe 5 as I’m dragging my gear with me), we had plenty of time to shoot.

I think the session lasted about 3 hours.  I like to shoot until I get it right and stick by the clock if I don’t have to.  J had 3-4 changes of clothes in mind, plus we did a quick session outside to get some more urban editorial style shots while the sun was setting.  You know you are having a great shoot when each time you click the shutter, you end up with a keeper.  Before we started, I had mentioned to her that I estimated we’d do about 250-300 shots in our session.  Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?  We did 314.  I win. 😉

Here is part of the sample images I sent her:


Yep, we had a pretty successful shoot.   There are so many places where one can use a nice professionally done headshot… facebook, linkedin, imdb,…

The first thing that struck me when I met up with her was her hair!  Loved how she had it dyed in a funky way, it made for some really cool images!  And while I can’t wait to work with J again when she needs new headshots, the point of doing different looks and styles in a shoot is to give variety to the client.  Kind of a double edged sword, you aim to give variety, but you want to work with them again.  So let’s hope she dyes her hair again soon and needs new shots 😉

Here are the final images I sent to her (which also included the header image), starting with my fave image of the set:







If you need some headshots updated, or any general portraits, feel free to drop me a line!  I’m sure we’d have just as much fun as I had with J.

Thanks for reading!