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I love living in Montreal.  The summers are always so full of life… or as they say… “la joie de vivre”.  Why do we Montrealers love our summers so much?  Because we can have pretty horrendous winters.  Take today as an example.  We set an all time record for a single day snowfall with 45 cm of snow falling.   Does this stop the city from being alive?  No.  It just kind of slows it down.  People still drive to work, people still shop and go about their daily routine.  Maybe less than they normally would.  What I do love to see is how people help each other out.  From helping your neighbor shovel their car out of a mountain of snow (wait until you see the images, you’ll know what I’m talking about), to helping a total stranger push their car off the ice.

Yep… Montréal… que je t’adore.

So as any true Montreal would do, I went about my day today and walked the streets with my camera… and my jacket / hat / gloves… and thermal underwear.  I also put a rainsleeve over the camera and lens as it was snowing like crazy, with the occasional ice pellets.  At some point, I couldn’t see through my viewfinder.  Was a great walk, but a guy gets pretty tired walking through knee deep snow for 2 hours.



Speed bump?  Really?


Pedestrian crosswalk? Really??


I think someone is laughing at us with all this snow…


I’ll take 50% off the snow please…


Those sidewalk cleaners can be pretty dangerous.  They do have alot of work and are probably very tired, but you gotta watch out…


Kids usually love snowstorms.  They can wear goggles outside and get pulled around on sleds!  Man I wish I was a kid again… I’ll just stick with my current immaturity level.


Perfect timing for a gas leak….


Now they always say to avoid driving and take public transit.  Not too inviting me thinks…. I had half a mind to go inside and take some photos of the hordes of people.  Then the other half of my mind smacked the first half of my mind and I just kept walking…


It is a hard job doing all that shoveling.  A guy’s gotta take a break…


Ahhh… the classic get out of your car at a red light and smack the wiper!!


The truck had a crowd cheering him on.  He was sliding from side to side.  Wait… why do I call a truck a he??


Help… me…. I’m.. .drowning……


Ok… dude… seriously… a cold coffee from Starbucks? On a day like today?  You deserve to have your pant legs all drenched…


Now she knows where it’s at…. a warm coffee…


And this guy, well… I like to think he was on his way to getting coffee


I’m usually the one who texts and walks at the same time…. seems that I am not alone.  Just watch out for, you know, cars and snowplows!


Mmmmm… thermal underwear!!!!


Everyone must have a neighbor like this guy!  Love people who help others out.  Well, ok, this could have been his car.  I’m an optimist, ok?


And to finish up, just as the first image posted allll the way up top, another typical Plateau view from my street.


Hope you guys liked the images!  It is not every day I get to go out in a record breaking snowstorm and make some images.

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  1. you are quick! i love the first image. and the kid with the goggles. were you doing your sneaky camera at the side/taking photos thing? 😉

    1. I used all my tricks… shooting from the hip, shooting behind me upside down and then flipping the photo later, shooting over someone’s shoulder… and a few were actually composed properly haha

  2. I absolutely love these pictures. Massive snow storms are my favorite time of the year :o) And in black and white. Reminds me of the pics for the 1972 snow storm…yeah I’m that old. Pffft

  3. Great pics……..like the black and white…I remember 71 was there….Looks the same as then…Really Nice Job…Bravo!

  4. Pas mal de fun être en vacances et pouvoir aller jouer dans la neige comme ça ! CHANCEUX! And very nice pics of course !

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