Muse | Bell Centre | Montreal Event Photographer

Muse on stage at montreal bell centre 2023 Will of the People World Tour

Loved by Montreal (and many cities), English rockers Muse brought their Will of the People tour to Montreal’s Bell Centre for 2 sold out nights.

Muse has won pretty much every award a rock band can win, they sell out world wide. And each and every time they put on one of the best shows for their fans, and the Will of the People world tour is no exception. Nearly 25 songs long, the setlist is quite impressive.

This was my third time photographing Muse but the first time with access up front. For the Drones tour, we were up high in arena. For the following Simulation Theory tour they had us in the back by the soundboard.

It was mixed results with being up front as the band typically stays far apart on stage and aren’t the most mobile. Sure, they go down the catwalk a few times, but overall, the show is very visual which is often best seen from the back.

But as I always do, aiming to make the most emotional images that represent the energy of an artist, listening to the music to find the right cues, watching the band move to anticipate a moment, all so I don’t have to shoot 30 frames per second to net my images. I left the arena with a total of 240 photos on both my memory cards, which I still find quite high.

The images were made for and chom 97.7 fm. A few of my faves from the night.