The Kid LAROI | MTelus | Montreal Event photographer

australien rapper kid laroi jumping on stage at montreal mtelus

Not sure if sensation is the right term, but there is most def a strong wave of intensity when it comes to Australian rapper The Kid LAROI. The 19 year old phenom is all the buzz, and has released only 1 album earlier this year, with an EP and a mixtape a few years before. The Kid LAROI has already a number of awards to his name and his high energy show was a high drawing act at this year’s Osheaga festival.

I bumped into him in the backstage as he was entering the building. And by bumped I mean I stood aside while his entourage of 6+ people made its way into the MTelus for a sold out show in front of a crowd that was lined up for many blocks around the corner. While I had seen some photos and videos of him, nothing really does the energy level The Kid LAROI has on stage. The photo pit had some stairs for him to go close to the crowd (which he didn’t do in our alloted time), there were 8 security guards (one being his own) and I believe 9-10 photographers. We were just as packed as the crowd was.

Photo notes

The vast majority of photos were taken with the Canon RF 24-70 and a few selects with the RF 70-200. I opted to keep the 16-35 at home as sometimes, the lens can be just too wide and the 24mm is just enough.

We didn’t have to move around the pit too much as The Kid LAROI was going from stage left to stage right non stop. Missed him last time? He’ll be back in a second.

I was covering the show for the and Bell Media families. Full media set up in their socials.

Some selects below, and as I’m feeling black and whites recently, a few processed in a monotone style 😉