Handguns | Warped 2013 | Hartford


Yeah yeah, I know, I’m a few months late on this.  I was editing all the bands from my day at Warped in Hartford and then, well, I got kinda really busy.  I woke up this morning feeling bad that I never finished up posting images of Handguns (and The Wonder Years).  So here they are!

Big thanks to Brandon of Handguns (the dude with the guitar in the cover image above) who was the main reason I was able to have a great time on Warped in Hartford, as well as his totally amazing family (who are ever so supportive of the pop punk scene) for putting me up (and putting up with me) for a few days.

On this day of the Vans Warped Tour, Handguns was pretty much closing out the night on the Kevin Says stage.  If my memory serves me well (and usually it doesn’t) they were on around 8:30pm.  But that didn’t stop them from having a crap load of fans watching their set.  Which is pretty impressive considering that the bigger headliners were on the main stage, and it was a full day in the 40C heat for these fans… and yet STILL they were there to watch, mosh, trash, surf and whatever else they were doing.

Made it a little difficult for shots as there aren’t many stage lights and the sun was pretty much set.  But hey, you gotta deal with what you have.

Really fun shoot, I swear, I’m not saying that just to be nice.  When a band is hyper active and jumping all around, it makes my job that much more fun.  And you’ll see a little lower down in the images, lead singer Taylor was reallly going all out, his foot ended up falling in between the stage and the riser that was there.  And yes, I just happen to be right in front of it happening hahah.

Again, apologies to the band for being a bit late, but hey, better late than never… right? 🙂



vans warped hartford 2013



vans warped hartford 2013



vans warped hartford 2013









vans warped hartford 2013