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I’m a storyteller at heart.  When I was a kid, I wrote short stories and started a novel (true story).  In CEGEP, I dabbled in film.  As a photographer, I love telling a story through my images.  Receiving comments on some of my show photos from fans that they can feel the energy and almost relive a show through my images.  That’s one of the reasons my wedding portfolio is labeled “Wedding Stories”

I apply the same passion to my wedding photography.  Retelling a couple’s day, frame by frame.

I thankfully had another photographer shooting my last wedding with me who did an awesome job covering the posed couple and family pictures, as well as getting some candids.  This left me free to get to know the couple and their guests, and more importantly, blend into the background (like a photo-ninja!) capturing their friends, family and them as the day unfolded.

Capturing candid moments is not just about snapping away.  You are always looking for the right angle, the right light and waiting to capture that right emotion.  Very similar to shooting a show! Moments can come and go within a second, so you have to be quick to mix in your technical expertise and also your artistic vision to pull off the shot.

Here are a few from an awesome wedding a few weeks ago:

The nervous yet honest laugh of the groom while getting ready for his big day

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The groom’s brother being one of 4 people to try and get that damn corsage on right haha.

photographe marriage montreal





After the hair and makeup touchups, the veil finally being put on

photographe marriage montreal



Candid means that kids aren’t always that smiley… but don’t worry, she warmed up to me after a few



See?  Told ya she warmed up.  And we were best buds the whole night.



“Where are you guys?!”




Even when you shoot candid, you can still get someone to look at the camera.  But the time you have to snap the image before they realize you are taking their picture is pretty short haha


photographe marriage montreal








Kids can be the cutest…the ring bearer and the flower girl… can I get an “awwww”?


photographe marriage montreal


The first dance is always great. But sometimes, the second or third dances bring out those magic moments 😉


photographe marriage montreal



Part of getting married is having people document your day… photo, video,… and as a photographer, we need to work with the video guys to ensure that everyone gets the shots they need.  So sometimes, you piggyback on their setup. haha!


photographe marriage montreal

photographe marriage montreal





I love shooting weddings.  I give myself 120% during weddings as I’m usually “just the photographer”.  But by the end of the night, I’m usually part of the festivities and we are all having fun.  Being on the ball, energetic and ready at all times is a hard job when you are doing it for 14 hours.  But in the end, the client (and sometimes new friend!) has some pretty kick ass memories of their day. 😉