Laval Rocket | Molson Lounge content

Fans are up close to the hockey game at place bell

Back in late October I was hired on by the Rocket of Laval to create some promotional lifestyle images for their new Molson Lounge section.

No better way to get some lifestyle images than to get a bunch of friends together at Place Bell in Laval to enjoy a Rocket game and have me along to capture it all.

What is the Molson Lounge? Think of the corporate loges that are up high, where you have food and drink included, some areas to chill and chat, an attendant on hand. And bring that down to ice level, behind the net, with 12 of your friends… and an arcade hockey game to boot.

fans playing hockey whilte at a hockey game in laval molson lounge

Brilliant way for fans to enjoy the game I must say.

A few shots to give you an idea of where and what it’s like.

Props to the crew brought on to be fans. Must of been a hard evening having fun, drinks and eats on the house. 🙂 Seriously though, great bunch of people.

And second props to the security guard who opened the stairwell door I was knocking on when I got trapped between floors. Note to self, when given free roam of an arena, double check exits before entering 🙂

Photo Talk

All images were taking with the new(ish) Canon R6 using my old lineup of EF lenses. In such difficult lights such as at a hockey arena, the lights can be a pain to deal with.

You have the really bright ice, the even brighter jumboton, and then you need to balance having the fans properly exposed. Seeing your exposure on a mirrorless camera such as the R6 allows you to find the right balance so that you can get things right in post.

I made the switch to mirrorless camera bodies almost 6 months ago and I have no regrets at all. Can’t wait to start switching up my lenses. But as with any business, I have an equipement upgrade schedule to follow and stick to, so should be starting in 2022!

More info on booking the Lounge right here (and more photos too!)