Aly & Ema | A DIY wedding story

I love photographing weddings. Some days, I wonder if I should pivot my business to do even more than the 1-2 a year I make time to do.

Aly and Ema are great people, and are surrounded by a superbe cast and crew. When they asked me to capture their magical DIY day, I was on board.

Guests gathered at their newly acquired house, their family and friends pretty much made the decor and the food. Roll up your sleeves and just get ‘er done. Rain was announced for the day, but stopped early in the morning, giving us nothing but blue sky (and loads of sun).

I must admit I was a little bit nervous. Granted, I’m nervous before many of my shoots, but this was a slight step higher as both Ema and Aly have that artistic eye. Ema is a photographer who I met photographing concerts and have had the pleasure of seeing his work doing great work on and off stage. So when you have a couple that know what good images are, even though you always bring your A game to every shoot, you are just slightly on your toes a wee bit more looking out for those angles and moments.

Photo talk

This was my first professional event using the new Canon mirrorless system. I had with me 2 Canon R6 bodies and I am using the RF to EF adapter on both bodies to use my current EF lenses while I wait for the finances to build up post-pandemic and get the RF lenses.

I am honestly blown away at using these bodies. I get that mirrorless isn’t for everybody, but it is for me. The eye focus is such a blessing and allows me to keep my mind working on finding the right light, the right angles and the right moment.

I still had to fiddle around with settings and such, but overall, first professional impressions are very very positive.

Below, some captures from their love-filled day.