Gowan | Corona Theatre | Montreal Concert Photographer

A classic in the Canadian rock world for the last 40 years… Lawrence Gowan, known on stage as just Gowan, can still pack a venue, as was the case with the Corona Theatre. The venue had chairs all around, but by the end of the first set, the crowd was all standing. It was for an easier night of taking photos as we didn’t have any heads to shoot over, however, we still have to stick to the sides for our picture clicking.

Gowan, also the lead singer of the band Styx for the last 20 years, is a pure showman. He dances around the stage, hops on top of his piano, smiles, points, dances again… he is having a blast and so are his fans.

I was covering the show for CHOM 97.7 and iHeartradio Canada. You can see the full media set HERE

A few faves below !!