Best of 2019 concert photos

The last 12 months have been pretty intense for my concert photography. I’ve continued my 5 year working relationship with the amazing folks at Bell Media, covering shows during the year for iHeartradio, CHOM FM, Virgin Radio … and adding on board Rouge FM and Energie this past year.

My summers are packed with the super fun series of evenko festivals… and this year I covered the lot. 77 Montreal, Heavy Montreal, Osheaga and IleSoniq. I believe I covered 60+ bands through the 8 days of festivals. Probably the most grueling stretch of my year considering each day is 14-16 hours long with loads of walking, last minute mandates, live uploads. Thankfully we have a mostly solid photography team that is there to back each other up, and full support by evenko’s PR group makes our festival season that much more fun.

Big shout out to Chantal Levesque, Vitor Munhoz and Geoffrey Bernad. The trio of amazingly talented photographers who covered some of my yearly shows when the schedule was too intense or I wasn’t available. Seriously… having a solid network of skilled artisans is so key. Milles merci.

So I decided to keep it simple and go with a straight gallery of my fave concert images of the year from the 92 (give or take) bands that I photographed. I averaged 7.58 concerts per month, with a high of 14 in a single month. No real order (almost mostly chronological). Some are because I loved the photo, some because I had a blast covering the artist. A few fan moments and the all important BEST OF SHOES.

This post is not about the new gear I picked up, or the old gear I sold off. It is not about the technique used, the post processing software or the settings I dialed it. It is just about the photos I like. 🙂

So as not to repeat the same images too often, you can see my top festival photos at the links below… the photos in this blog post are concerts only.



77 Montreal

Heavy Montreal

Will be on a social break after this post, so wishing everyone who takes the time to read these blurbs a safe holiday season, full of laughs, love and great tunes.

A few personal highlights of the year… Got to finally cover some artists like Bryan Adams, Mumford and Sons, Weezer, Def Leppard and Kiss. Got to see some artists progress in their showmanship like Billie Eilish (she was insane!), Alessia Cara, Scott Helman. Got introduced to Quebec Rap (aka Rap Keb) covering a plethora of artists like Fouki, LaF, Obia, Robert Nelson, Mike Shabb and soooo many others.