Jonas Brothers | Bell Centre | Montreal Concert Photographer

After a little over 6 years of being officially split, the Jonas Brothers finally decided to tour together once again. The once Disney stars from the mid 2000s had some individual solo efforts over the years, but judging by the loud screams at Montreal’s Bell Centre, the fans were just a wee bit happy to see the Jonas Brothers together again.

The Happiness Begins tour nearly packed the arena. A few empty seats waaaay up top were seen, but all in all, the place was pretty full. The brothers went with a 2 stage setup, one big main stage and a smaller B stage at the opposite end of the arena, complete with a bar and tables for some fans. Our shooting position was back at B stage, so essentially it was a soundboard shoot. The only difference was that there was a long empty corridor right down the middle were the brothers would go from A to B that gave us a much clearer view of the stage – ie no cell phones waving over head.

The images were mainly done with a Sigma 120-300 lens, and a few with a Canon 70-200. I did try the Canon 1.4x teleconverter on the Sigma, but the results were horribly soft images that were unusable by my standards. I guess if I want longer than 300 mm, I’ll have to either buy a crop sensor camera or upgrade to a 400 mm lens.

Images were shot for Virgin Radio Montreal and You can see the full media sets HERE.

Below, as per usual, some of my faves. 🙂

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