J Balvin | Place Bell | Montreal Concert Photographer

The hugely popular Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin made his way to Laval’s Place Bell and played in front of a packed house. While J Balvin had to step out of this year’s Osheaga lineup, he more than made up for it bringing his colourful stage (and fashion sense) to the city.

Our restrictions were to photograph from the soundboard (in the back), so we had to come prepared with longer lenses. While on one hand I get that the show is very visual (who doesn’t love twerking Michelin men), it is very easy to lose the essence of a show when shooting from further back.

Getting a variety of photos when your position is pretty much fixed is important. Sure, you need the longer lenses to get the closer shots, but even when just taking wider shots of the stage, variety is key. Some with the singer, some without, some a bit wider, some showing more fans,… But it is important to remember that the show is about the artist, and that is who people want to see. The closer you can get the better. I aim for not only some variety in the framing, but also in the artist’s expression. As I am unable to change positions and thus play with the light, the only 2 things that change are where the artist is and the expression on their face.

My shots were done with a mix of the Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 lens and the Canon 24-70 f/2.8 lens. All while standing on top of my little step stool to get above the waving cell phones. I was happy to see that I managed to get high enough for a shoe shot 😉

Images were done for Virgin Radio Montreal / iHeartradio. You can check out the full media set HERE

Below are some of my faves of the night.