Billie Eilish | Place Bell | Montreal Concert Photographer

I think the word phenom can be used when talking about Billie Eilish and her rise to stardom.

I first caught Billie Eilish last year headlining the small stage at Osheaga. Wearing a cast (she broke her foot the night before at Lollapalooza), she still had so much energy and attitude on stage even though she was limited in her mobility. The stage had not been as packed for the entire weekend.

A few months before, in March 2018, she was at the Corona Theatre, I believe the max capacity is around 1000.

Now, not even a year after her Osheaga stint, she performs at an ultra sold out Place Bell in Laval in front of 8000 fans. They could of easily packed in more as the show sold out pretty quickly. It was the first time I saw metal gates to direct fans outside. Traffic just trying to get to the parking area was super slow. I am pretty certain her next show will in arenas.

And true to her rising star, Billie Eilish put on an amazing show. Full of energy and smiles. The 17 year old really knows how to deliver live and her electro style pop with edgy lyrics is a breath of fresh air.. Quick fact… Eilish is gaelic for Elizabeth.

While we were given pit access for the show, it was a technically hard shoot. The ever changing light and constant fast movement meant that we needed to be on our toes from start to finish. A shoot like Billie Eilish is one that really makes me think of what images I select for my final set. She had some fun attitude on stage, but yet, appeared humbled. She had some smiles between lyrics when looking at her fans, but yet, had some low key almost emo attitude in some verses.

Look for a coming blog post where I post up images that were NOT used in the media and why they didn’t make the cut. The little details are always the ones that make an image… from the look in the eye, the position of the body, the mic hiding the mouth… that make a concert image for me and take it beyond just a photo of a person on a stage.

But in the meantime, below are my faves of the show with a few exclusive black and whites !!

You can see the full media gallery up HERE