Dead Obies | MTelus | Montreal Event Photographer

So in the last little while, Quebec rap artists have been emerging in popularity. Back when I was one of the official photographers for the Club Soda, I used to cover quite a bit. And while I have kept track of some of the artists, I had no idea how big it has become. Rap Keb is a thing. And a pretty popular thing these days.

When iHeartradio decided to start to support the local hip hop seen, I was intrigue to see what the current generation of Quebec hip hop is at.

One of my first assignments was covering the triple bill of hugely popular Dead Obies, with openers Obia Le Chef and Mike Shabb. The energy these guys all brought to the stage was intense. Typically, the opener of a night needs to warm up the crowd, but the crowd already knew most of Obia’s lyrics and were bouncing as if he was the headliner !!

And props to Mike Shabb, who was all over the stage, giving my camera a good run for it’s money in trying to keep up !!

Here are some of the shots of the show, and if you are curious to hear more of the Rap Keb scene, iHeart has a pretty cool playlist going on.