Why Don’t We | Place Bell | Montreal Concert Photographer

It seems that every generation has it’s boy band that packs in the concert venue, makes the teenage girls scream, and dance around all choreographed. From The Jackson 5, NKOTB, Backstreet Boys and more recently, One Direction. We haven’t had a new boy band take the stage in years, it was fun to see that Why Don’t We is keeping the 5 person pop ensemble genre alive.

As expected, the crowd was mainly preteen girls, with lines of parents waiting in their cars outside. That’s dedication for you. I have to admit that I never heard of the band until Virgin Radio Montreal asked me to cover the concert. As I usually do in my prep work, I looked at videos and images to get a sense of what I was getting into.

While the Why Don’t We legions were singing their songs before the band got on stage, I was a little let down with the intensity with which the show started. The buzz in the building was immense. When the lights dimmed and the curtain dropped, the band started with a fairly slow song with the 5 members standing on light boxes in the back of the stage. I was expected (hoping), for a big bang start to the show. It did ramp up a bit during out 3 song stint, and judging by the comments post-show, fans loved it, and that’s what counts.

Photography wise, it was fun to share the pit with only 2 others picture makers. While there was a bunch of distracting items right on the edge of the stage, we didn’t have to worry about hoards of photographers to work around. I feel next time will be different.

I was covering the show for Virgin, as well as iHeartRadio.ca. The media set of images is HERE

Below, a few faves of the media set and some extra black and whites.