Panic! at the Disco | Place Bell | Montreal Concert Photographer

Panic! at the Disco | Place Bell | Montreal Concert Photographer

Las Vegas rockers Panic! at the Disco brought their Pray for the Wicked tour to Laval’s Place Bell on a cold Saturday night. A packed crowd was treated to some amazing visuals, complete with confetti launch at the first song. Panic! has a stage setup worthy of an arena twice the size !! I couldn’t think of a better show to kick off my 2019 concert coverage !!

Panic!‘s frontman Brendon Urie was intense… catapulting from under the stage at the start of the show and his intensity never let up during the 3 songs we were allowed to photograph.

We were intially assigned back at the soundboard, but as it goes in the concert photography world, things were changed a few minutes before we went inside…. and for the positive! We were given access from the player’s bench, which is much closer than the soundboard. That means that we were stuck with the same side angle… I’ll take being closer up any day.

I left my 1.4x teleconverter in my bag, loaned my little step to the photographer who decided to stay at the soundboard, and shot most of the show with a 70-200. While the teleconverter adds some extra reach, it also removes 1 stop of light (maximum aperture of f/4 instead of f/2.8) and I’m never a fan of adding extra pieces between the image and the camera’s sensor, so was more than happy to go without it.

The images were shot for Virgin Radio Montreal // iHeartradio. You can check out the full media set HERE

Below are some faves and some exclusive black and whites.