Social Distortion | MTelus | Montreal Concert Photographer

social distortion montreal 2018 mtelus band

Punk rock legends Social Distortion took the stage at Montreal’s MTelus last night. There is something somewhat magical about seeing front man Mike Ness take the stage and play some classic punk tunes from the past 40 years. A staple of any fan of punk music, fans got a plenty of hits with songs like Mommy’s Little Monster, Far Behind and Ring of Fire.

Social Distortion doesn’t come to town that often, the last time they were here was back in October 2012. I was lucky enough to cover that set as well, images can be seen HERE.  The lights are always somewhat of a challenge to play with, loads of contrast and quick changing.  Ness is also one that likes to move forward towards the fans for some quick guitar playing.  While great for the fans, this often means he steps out of the stage light, meaning quick changes to settings.  Most of the show was around 1/250 shutter and an ISO of 2500.  When closer to the edge of the stage, settings dropped to a shutter of 1/100 and a few more clicks to open the aperture up to 2.8 (I rarely shoot a show at 2.8 even if my lens can do there, preferring 3.5)

Images were shot for CHOM 97.7 and
Full media set –>> HERE

Some of my faves and exclusive black and whites 🙂

social distortion montreal 2018 mtelus mike ness side light
social distortion montreal 2018 mtelus brent harding bass
Social distortion mtelus 2018 Jonny Wickersham guitar
social d mike ness guitar closeup