MAX | Corona Theatre | Montreal Concert Photographer

Singer, songwriter, entertainer, model… is there something MAX (real name of Max Schneider) doesn’t do? I’ll be honest, I had no idea who MAX was when I was asked to cover his show at Montreal’s Corona Theatre.  He was not the headliner of the night, so I knew that he is someone up and coming who is worth seeing.  These music people I work with tend to have a good ear for new things. 🙂  And that is the part of my job that I love, discovering new acts. Quick summary of the show? As much flare as MAX has in his clothing choices, he has even more so on stage. The man is a pure entertainer, moving, dancing, jumping… one of the higher energy shows I have seen in a while.

To my surprise, for a venue where we rarely have a photography pit up front, we did have one for the show… and I am thankful we did. You see, constantly changing lights (I bounced from 1/160 th shutter up to 1/600 within the same song) are already a challenge in any show. When you add to that a front man who is constantly moving, having to shoot from the crowd would not only mean many missed moments due to less angles to shoot from, but would not have allowed me to capture a photo of his amazing shoes. 🙂


I was covering the show for Virgin Radio Montreal / iHeartRadio. You can see the media gallery here.

And as always, below are my fave of the set and a few black and whites you can only see here.

Looking forward to photographing MAX on stage again, and I’m pretty sure next time he will not only be headlining, but it will be in a bigger venue.