2017 Music photos in review

Welp, it is that time of the year again.  My last scheduled show has been photographed and images have been posted.  When I think that I just finished my 5th year as a full time working photographer, it has been a pretty crazy year.  Taking the time to look back at the who and what and for whom I have been working is important.  Not only to give that “awwww” feeling and the accomplishments, but also to start the brain working on how I can up my game in 2018.

A huge shout out to the clients who have put their faith in my concert coverage.  CHOM 97.7, Virgin Radio and new in 2017, iHeartRadio.  While the steady stream of concerts I get to capture is sweet, the support I get in my craft, backing me 100% when I find an artist’s release is too strict is simply amazing (up yours GnR).   Add to that the folks at Evenko who keep my summers so full that I haven’t taken time off in years.  Wait, is that bad?  From the PR crew, the marketing department and everyone else who drops my a note asking for a quote and my availability…. thanks!  And those few gigs during the year are pretty fun too 🙂

2017.  2-0-1-7.  How can I best sum up the year?  Covering major acts I never would of had the chance to cover.  Through the work produced, the relationship with partners and the reputation the medias have, I am very often found in a photo pit that is limited to 4-5 photographers.  I also get the chance to spread the love and bring on other photographers when I can’t cover or there are too many shows in a single night.

From personal nostalgia artists I photographed for the first time like Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool and Queen, to be able to make images of legendary bands like Depeche Mode and Roger Waters.  And throwing in some coverage of radio legend TooTall at his retirement party was icing on the cake.

**note that a handful of bigger name bands have it so that I am unable to publish images beyond what was sent to the media.

A little look back on the year.


The private Rock Room shows

On a few occasions during the year, CHOM hosts for contest winners exclusive shows in their Rock Room.  Imagine seeing the likes of the Barr Brothers in a room with 100 people and a stage that is just a few feet high?  Intimate ya say?  This year I had the chance to see Mondo Cozmo, The Barr Brothers, and Aliocha.


And speaking of CHOM, how better to send off a radio legend by putting on the concert?  With bands like The Damn Truth, Sam Roberts, The Box, Jonas and even The Pursuite of Happiness.  It was an awesome night, video tributes from so many bands, artists and friends.  Covering the show, the back stage, the fans and TooTall himself, I don’t think I have ever put so many miles in one evening running around the Club Soda.


Festival time at Osheaga and IleSoniq.  The most tiring weekends, but yet, the most fun I have in the summer.  It is constant work, often multiple contracts at the same time, covering your stage the best you can, from all angles.  Trying to find new angles and keep the images interesting.

The music fan in me loves covering the small stages.  While it can be fun with all the glitz and glamour of the main stages, this is the one time of the year I get to discover so many bands I never knew about.  Up and coming bands making their mark.  I remember covering bands like Royal Blood, Courtney Barnett and Vance Joy on the tiny festival stage.  This year, I got to discover bands like The Lemon Twigs, Hamilton Leithauser, The Sick Things and Jacob Banks.






And then there was the rest of the year.  Not counting festivals, I totally 73 bands covered.  That is just over 6 a month.  Gone are the days of 15 shows in a month (thankfully!  These old bones can’t handle that anymore!).  Due to scheduling conflicts, I missed out on Katy Perry, LCD Soundsystem, Ed Sheeran, PJ Harvey, Jon Mayer and a few others.  Will catch them next time around




How can I forget the FANS !!



So looking forward to the chaos of 2018!  The bad light, the banter and fun with my fellow pit photographers, the jump shots, the missed moments, and all the fun that comes with one of the best jobs in the world.

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  1. Congratulations Pierre, your gamble paid off and your work truly shows it was the RIGHT move on your part !!!!

    Here’s hoping for another min 25 years of success….


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