YUL Eat 2017 | Quai de l’Horloge | Montreal Event Photographer

There is one thing you can say about Montreal… we love our festivals!  And in this year of the 375th anniversary of the city, there are plenty to go around.  Many festivals are dedicated to music and arts (Osheaga, IleSoniq, Jazz Festival, POP Montreal,..) but Montreal’s foodies are well served with the YUL Eat festival.

3 days of food trucks, tasting circuits, displays, culinary presentation and music.  This year had a pretty popular Smoke House.  One of the hardest parts of working such a festival is the constant amazing smells you get as you walk around, you are always hungry!

I was hired on to cover the festival for the festival itself.  I had one of the best mandates you could get….. “do you thing”.  When things are so open in terms of what I can do, you can really have some fun.  Of course, I had some guidelines of what to get and a few special requests, but mainly, I had to document the festival and it’s people.  Not really close up of food and drinks.  The 13km I clocked each day of coverage made for some aches and pains, I think I walked the site a dozen times each day, trying to find those little moments, at the just the right angle, with just the right light.

On a personal note, it was great to bump in to so many friends who were checking out the site!  Thanks for stopping in and saying hi 🙂

Here are a bunch of photos that document the various parts, the indoor tastings, the outdoor markets, the people, the setting…  If you want to see more images, you can check out the YUL Eat facebook page right HERE 

All images photographed for YUL Eat / Evenko, do not use without prior permission.