A Tribute to TooTall | Montreal Event Photographer

Soon to be radio broadcasting hall of famer TooTall retired from CHOM a few days ago.  And they threw him one of the most epic of retirement parties.  There is no better way to celebrate his passion than to have some of the top Canadian talent over the last decades on stage for a night of partying.

Video tributes were a plenty.  Spanning from musicians like Kim Mitchell, Chris de Burgh, Raine Maida, Gowan and Styx, through friends and fellow radio personalities even all the way to the Prime Minister of Canada.  It is pretty amazing to see how many people wanted to pay homage to the man.  It is no wonder the tickets for the event sold in under 2 hours.  You can see the entire video presentation with all the well wishes HERE

Along with the video tributes, there had to be bands on stage.  Playing some of their biggest hits were The Box, Sam Roberts, The Pursuit of Happiness and The Damn Truth.  The kicker?  At the end of the night, they brought TooTall down and on stage to play the harmonica, every artist on stage, covering a pretty emotional rendition of Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World.  Along with gold records, commemorative plaques and many heartfelt tributes by his co-djs, the night was a huge success.

Being in the extended CHOM family myself, it was an honour to be asked to cover the event.  You can check out the full media set of 100+ images up on CHOM’s Facebook page HERE.